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We work with a number of companies who provide publishing services. Among our associates is a publishing solutions provider. By harnessing the great opportunities offered by ePublishing and eCommerce, they have introduced several innovative end-to-end solutions for the author and publisher alike.

Expanding publishing possibilities

They now make it possible for an individual or a company to publish material or corporate documents without considering the size of the target audience. They are able to take your manuscript and transform it into a professionally published book.

Working with them is straightforward and simple. You must always retain complete control over the content of your work. Regardless of which service you choose, you will get printed copies of your book and earn royalties on every copy sold.

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The UK literary market is changing rapidly, with easy access to e-books and online publications, publishing a book in digital format is often chosen above paperback publications.


From Magazines to fiction to history books, publishing online gives your readers quick and easy access to your work and most companies are opting for this less laborious option.


Unless you are an award winning novelist, it is hard to find a publisher who will give you the time of day. At Kings Self-Publication we will help get your book noticed.

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